The Dennis Ogbe Story

Dennis was recently featured on Wave3 TV in Louisville, Ky. You can watch the video below. Here is the link to the original piece.


The American Dream is Alive and Well!

By: David Meredith | The Oldham Era He’s the embodiment of the American Dream. Poor, handicapped, immigrant, yet through established principles has risen to the top in his field. His name is Dennis Ogbe. Dennis was the featured speaker at a Rotary meeting I attended not long ago. Whereas history is full of examples like…
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Discus Champion Turns Childhood Tragedy to Triumph

Determined Discus Champion Dennis Ogbe Turns Childhood Tragedy to Triumph Story by Carla Carlton Dennis Ogbe grips the discus in his right hand. He swings his arm a few times, then twists at the waist as far to the left as he can. With one explosive move and a guttural cry he snaps back, letting…
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Dennis Covered by U.S. Paralympics

Ogbe is no Long Shot In Shot Put, Discus By: Joanne C. Gerstner Dennis Ogbe knows the question is coming before it is even asked: How does he do it all? Ogbe, a U.S. Paralympic track and field hopeful for the 2012 London Games, is juggling a full-time job, a wife and small child and…
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